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Taksim Gezi Park, Istanbul. Taksim Gezi Park, just north of Taksim Square in Beyoğlu ( map ), is one of the very few open green spaces in this part of Istanbul. Once a district of fields and vineyards, Beyoğlu was built up during the 1800s as the modern European-style part of Constantinople Der Gezi-Park (Gezi bedeutet so viel wie Spaziergang) ist ein ca. 3,8 ha großer städtischer Park in der Kommune Beyoğlu in Istanbul neben dem zentralen Taksim-Platz.Der nördliche Teil umfasst den sogenannten historischen Park Taksim Bahçesi, welcher mit der Fertigstellung 1869 der erste öffentliche Park der damaligen osmanischen Hauptstadt Istanbuls war The Gezi Park protests began in April, having started with a petition in December 2012. The protests were renewed on 27 May, culminating in the creation of an encampment occupying the park. A raid on this encampment on 29 May prompted outrage and wider protests

As David Lepeska reports in Next City, a movement to protect Gezi Park remains strong today. Only two months ago, the original redevelopment plan to destroy the public park reappeared on the city. Some others were still sleeping after a long night. Those who are not hungry don't grab any food. It is wrong to talk about Gezi Park without being there. I have been here since the beginning. Don't believe what they tell you. Gezi Park is safe. Parents shouldn't have any reason to worry as their children are maybe safer here than home. Referendum is only to say that. This change in perception was more threatening to the authorities than any weapon and signals the transition from the analogue to digital world order. In Gezi Park there was no leader, everything started and developed spontaneously. The majority of the protesters were from the new digital generation, who connect with the world, using technological tools to access the free flow of information and to express themselves freely In the early morning of May 28, 2013, a group of activists gathered for a sit-in protest at Gezi Park in central Istanbul. The green space, a rarity in the city, is located right next to Istanbul. On May 28th, 2013, a small group of environmentalists occupying Gezi Park, in Istanbul's Taksim Square, were challenged by police who teargassed activists and set fire to their tents. The protests, which had been ongoing since April, had originated in opposition to plans for razing the park in order to build a shopping mall. As the police moved in the protestors held their ground and over the following days their numbers grew. A standoff developed around Taksim Square and the.

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A calm Gezi Park, the day before it is evacuated. In the park, there was hope that a resolution was close. And the police, sitting under shelters just feet away from Gezi's entrance, seemed. Gezi Park is a rare patch of green in Turkey's biggest city, and has been the focus of public anger Gezi Park is one of these places. The breezes were pleasant there. In fact some of the hotels nearby are surrounded by park-like land; but this land is private and fenced off. A couple of weeks ago, I noted that the flower beds in Gezi Park were empty. I took this as ominous. Perhaps I was wrong: there were flowers today, and the fountain was. Gezi Park was one such flagship project. Now it is up to the courts to decide whether it will remain a park, or be opened up for development, perhaps as a shopping mall, as the government. Today you can enjoy the view of the Elbe and the large harbour of Hamburg, or play a round of basketball. By the way, many people still know the Gezi-Park-Hamburg as Park Fiction. Out of solidarity it was renamed in 2013. Many musicians from Hamburg have already integrated the plastic palm trees into their lyrics

In a way, those present at the Gezi are the multiple choice generation. According to KONDA's Gezi Park Survey data, 56 percent of them have university or higher education, 37 percent of them are still students. They are the children of the education and exam system of this country that is based on the finding the correct option method. Their objection is this system One: We demanded Gezi Park remain a public park. An official statement must be made to ensure that no construction efforts, including the artillery barracks project, would be pursued in the park. Two: Demolition of the Atatürk Cultural Center must be stopped. Three: All officials—including the governor and police commissioners who prevented people from using their democratic rights and caused hundreds of injuries and two deaths, who gave oppression orders, who executed these orders and. Fed by genuine emotions and attitudes, the Gezi Park protests seemed to represent an eruption from below, and became the stage for some stunningly diverse artistic performances. The performances themselves - flash mobs, resistance anthems or impossible-to-categorise manifestations of instantaneous creativity on the streets - could certainly not usher in a new era by themselves. This explosion, which was impossible to tuck into the confines of any clean-cut political path, did not come. A court blocks the Gezi Park redevelopment project. 6 July. A legal package proposed by the AKP and passed by parliament at midnight includes a law that removes the authority of TMMOB over maps, plans and projects and gives it to the Ministry of Culture. The ministry applies to the Regional Administration Court to overturn the ruling of the Istanbul Administration Court which stopped the Gezi Park construction projects

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  1. June 4th, Göztepe is still going crazy in support of the OccupyGeziPark movement
  2. It is early Wednesday morning in Gezi Park, located in the heart of Istanbul. On Tuesday, with absolutely no warning, police charged into Taksim Square on foot and in water-cannon vehicles. Some.
  3. In May 2013, a group of activists staged a sit-in at Istanbul's Gezi Park, protesting the Turkish government's plans to demolish the park to build a replica of the Ottoman-era Taksim Military Barracks that would include a shopping mall. The forced eviction of protesters from the park and the excessive use of police force sparked an unprecedented wave of mass demonstrations. Around 3.
  4. Sometimes, this is dressed up in language that insists the government is 'really' a dictatorship: in Gezi park there were a couple of posters representing Erdogan as Hitler. This liberal window dressing - of Erdogan as dictator - masks a deeper reality that what is being rejected is the fundamental basis of parliamentary democracy. Another illustration of this is like the movements elsewhere.
  5. One lone scapegoat: the only person still in custody with relation to the 2013 Gezi Park protests, Osman Kavala is accused by the Turkish authorities of instigating and financing the unrest. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recently ruled that Kavala's arrest was politically motivated and that his detention served the purpose of reducing Mr. Kavala, and with him all human-rights defenders, to silenc

There are times when everything speeds up in the spinning barricades of teargas streets, there are times when history runs deep. But on Sunday afternoon, Gezi Park was the still center of the. Erdogan had ordered the demonstrators to leave the park. He also promised on Thursday evening not to begin any construction in Gezi Park for the time being, but no one here trusts him any longer Gezi Park survey, titled Who are they, why are they there, Nevertheless, we were still able to observe that the corresponding rates of political or organizational affiliation for women and men who participated in the protests were different the Turkey average. 20.2 percent of the women and 22.1 percent of the men who participated in the protests were affiliated with 'a political party. ARWA DAMON, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, we are actually in Gezi Park itself. There are still masses of people here, although a lot of them forced to push back because of the volley of tear gas that came in sustained over quite a period of time

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A calm Gezi Park, the day before it is evacuated. In the park, there was hope that a resolution was close. And the police, sitting under shelters just feet away from Gezi's entrance, seemed. Gezi Park Restaurant. 4.7. 4.7. 14 Reviews. £25 and under. Turkish. Gezi Park Restaurant is proud to announce the menu for this season. We use the finest ingredients and add our loving touch to the dishes selected by our team. Needless to say, we approach the art with a traditional sensibility: our restaurant is a guest house for you to enjoy

The Gezi Park protests illustrate the fall of the military as a political actor in Turkey. A series of protests took place in Turkey this summer following a dispute over the redevelopment of the Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul. Burak Kadercan writes that one largely overlooked aspect to the protests was the absence of Turkey's military, which. Interview #4.2: Protest in Gezi Park, Turkey. Methodological note: This past Saturday, I saw images of what was going on in Turkey and I felt concerned about it. I contacted a Turkish friend to learn about it and came up with the idea to write an interview on my blog, which is dedicated to non-edited interviews Gezi Park, Redbridge: See 309 unbiased reviews of Gezi Park, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #5 of 80 restaurants in Redbridge These masks made from water bottles were used during last year's Gezi Park protests in Istanbul as a response to the unprecedented amounts of teargas used against protestors in Taksim Square, and became symbolic - they were featured in street art and graffiti and there are photographs of whirling dervishes wearing them. One of the key points of the exhibition is to demonstrate that excell Quentin Sommerville reports from Gezi Park: The mood here in the park still remains defiant. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has issued a final warning to protesters to leave Gezi.

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  1. For the social movements that brought millions to the streets in 2013, the elections could prove a breakthroug
  2. By the way, many people still know the Gezi-Park-Hamburg as Park Fiction. Out of solidarity it was renamed in 2013. Many musicians from Hamburg have already integrated the plastic palm trees into their lyrics. The Reeperbahn and Hans-Albers-Platz and the Landungsbrücken are also close by
  3. When the Gezi Park protests took place in Istanbul in 2013, I was in New Zealand, but only physically. Now Muriel is in the same situation, watching her country from outside. Her heart is pounding. Although the President of Chile, Sebastian Piñera, declared a state of emergency, called the Chilean military to enforce for action, invoked State Security Law — Ley de Seguridad del Estad.
  4. g journalists and who aim to make a difference. Lastly, I am extremely grateful to all of the journalists who have participated in this research and helped me to make a small contribution to a grand discussion regarding the freedom of.
  5. g circles in the park as they supported the movement. Marxists, Leninists.
  6. d the event remains very much of the present at least in so far as its impact is still being felt, not least because it has changed the paradigm of social protest and resistance in Turkey radically

As autumn comes to Turkey, the spirit of Gezi Park can still be felt in the air. After months of mass anti-government demonstrations, the only common consensus is that political climate will never. Voices Comment Turkey's 'Standing Man' captured attention, but protest doesn't stand still - it forms assemblies. The loss of Gezi Park has inadvertently led to the development of community. The Gezi Park protests of 2013 were sparked by public outrage over the plans to cut the trees of the park, the last green area left in Istanbul's Taksim Square. The protests then escalated in response to the disproportionate use of force by the police and turned into a major uprising that spread across the country. Police in action during the Gezi park protests in Istanbul. Events of June 16. There were twenty-nine articles on Gezi Park theme and/or keyword from the New York Times newspaper, which were published through June 4 and July 21. On the other hand, there were twenty-four articles published through June 5 and June 21 in Washington Post that covered Turkey's Gezi Park Protests. First an axial coding of fifty-three articles.

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Gezi Park. Gezi Park is situated on Taksim Square, a lovely park and Taksim's only green area. There you may relax while witnessing the city's liveliness under the large trees and gardens. Gezi Park is one of the best places you must give a visit while you're in Taksim Square Istanbul. ♦ 7 Days Turkey Tour Package - Highlights of Turke I still do not know if it is possible to spread the spark of mutual tolerance that was there in the first few days of the uprising, but if Gezi has a legacy, it is to listen to the other. I find peace in having witnessed people wrapped in Turkish flags joining the protests against Medeni Yıldırım's murder (a Kurdish youth who was shot dead by the police), shouting the slogan. Gezi Resistance has raised awareness about the importance of public spaces and the need for democratic platforms of deliberation. The local park forums are open to everyone who wants to join, and.

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  1. While there has been a fair amount of violence already, the campers in Gezi are still hoping to avoid the fate that met Zuccotti's Occupiers — namely, a rough eviction from the park by cops
  2. He chose to be portrayed in Gezi Park, in the heart of Istanbul, where heavy protests happened in the spring of 2013. It was at that time, when he was still a manager for an international company.
  3. Say, Fazıl Gezi Park 3 | Buying sheet music and downloads from Schott Musi
  4. Gezi Park—where the movement had started—had now become a big tent city where the daytime protesters also spent their nights. Following suit, I spent my first night in a tent in Gezi Park, still a little overwhelmed with all the new impressions. Friday, June 7, 2013 The next morning I woke up early. A calm silence had settled into Gezi Park.

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That's still my focus. But the Gezi Park protests (which have spread far beyond Gezi Park, now) have affected all of our lives here, in ways large and small. Even an avoider like me. The Kadikoy Pier, the day that the soccer fans sent reinforcements to Gezi Park. The violent crackdown on the park in the last few days occurred just as I was processing my film from the days I spent in Gezi. During the Gezi Park protests what we witnessed has had a significant importance for us in order to take the next steps; artists were all around, anonymously. Instead of forming their own organization and gathering in one place, they were all actively involved and worked together with various organizational mechanisms both inside and outside of Gezi Park. Artists were not there as artists, but.

There are 14 questions for analyzing coverage of Gezi Park Protests. First three questions centered on general information on news such as, newspaper name, publication date and headline. The fourth question asks information of headline (quotation, description, comment). Between 5 and 11 questions asked the sources of news (source of story, official and unofficial sources). Questions 12, 13 and. Posts about Gezi Park written by Admin. SAVING TREES IS NOT AN ACT OF TERROR. Greetings citizens of the world. We are Anonymous. We are appalled by the events taking place in Turkey today, as Prime Minister Erdogan declared that his patience had worn thin and sent hundreds of riot police to indiscriminately destroy the protest encampments in Gezi Park and Taksim Square Alongside him are the writer Meltem Arikan and the actress Pinar Ogun - three Turkish artists who now call Cardiff their home. In the summer of 2013, Turkey was in turmoil. An estimated 3.5. When he was still there to protect the park, Yusuf had a sharp eye for the plainclothes police who infiltrated it. Last Tuesday, for example, he recognized two plainclothes pigs instantly. They.

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Standing still is not a crime. An update from Andrew Gardner, Amnesty's Turkey researcher in Istanbul. On Monday night, one person went to Taksim Square and just stood still in a silent and symbolic protest against the recent violence there. The same evening, lots of other people did the same Gezi Park Turkish Kebab Halal 5.3 stars out of 6. View 291 reviews 27 High Street, London, E11 2AA Still Water Bottle from £2.20 Sparkling Water - Large £4.25 Perrier - 0.33L £2.40. And we see that there's still -- there's still a lot, a lot of dangerous -- a dangerous environment, clearly, both at Taksim Square as well as Gezi Park. Tom Foreman is here with us. Tom, we have heard a lot about Taksim Square, Gezi Park. Set the scene for us. Show our viewers where this is, because these are important parts of Istanbul. TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, it's important to. While the KONDA survey established that 58.1 percent of activists came to the protest site in defence of their liberties, 10 a later survey by MetroPOLL put this number at 32.8 percent. 11 There is little doubt that Gezi Park demonstrators generally maintain a distance from the AK Party, with residual feelings of anger and discomfort mainly based on ethnic and sectarian identities.

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In the Gezi Park case, the prosecutor, in a one-sided manner, considered all the then ministers to be an aggrieved party. In our judicial system, there is no such thing as withdrawing from the position of an aggrieved party. We sat and talked with our fellow legists. The prosecutor evaluated it one-sidedly, I did not file a complaint. I am not a plaintiff, nor am I an intervening party. I. Aber Friends of Gezi Park. 99 likes. 'We support the Turkish people's demands for the preservation of Gezi Park and their right to freedom of speech and..

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  1. Still, it's only getting better. I must confess that I view this you have chosen the family protection mode scam as an improvement from the boorish I just don't understand Twitter-Mwitter, I will wipe it out. I must confess this new form of censorship has an elegance to it. The Gezi spirit prevails and has even made censorship more graceful
  2. Western version and its non-Western one (Romanos 2012: 4). The 2013 Gezi Park protests in Turkey, with their extensive use of humour in a variety of forms, can also be categorised under this list of recent social movements. There are specific functional characteristics of humour that help explain its widesprea
  3. If the government hoped the protests at Gezi-Park would die a slow death without the police around they were wrong. Now, at the sixth day of the park occupation, Gezi is more alive than ever. In just a few days the Gezi-Park developed from a rather boring park into a lively art-space. There I meet Deniz and he friends for a little interview
  4. Emirgan Park is known for its diversity of plants and an annual tulip festival is held there since 2005. The AKP government's decision to replace Taksim Gezi Park with a replica of the Ottoman era Taksim Military Barracks (which was transformed into the Taksim Stadium in 1921, before being demolished in 1940 for building Gezi Park) sparked a series of nationwide protests in 2013 covering a.
  5. e how graffiti became part of the performative dissent, acting as a communicative tool delivering messages to various authority.
  6. [dropcap size=big]I[/dropcap]n the late spring of 2013, Istanbul was aflame in an intoxicating, revolutionary atmosphere. What started as an environmentalist sit-in protest against the destruction of the las

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  1. Istanbul's Gezi Park and its brief life as a fully-functioning commune. 1 / 11 Thousands of people took to the streets to protest against the proposed destruction of Gezi Park in Istanbul. (Photo courtesy of Tumblr) 2 / 11 A huge range of facilities were set up in the park, including this prayer station. (Photo: Merve Bedir
  2. Kommentar Gezi-Park-Proteste: they just stay still, we just protest the goverment by voice. this is a public protest it i not related to any group-party- legal or illegal community, there are.
  3. Taksim Gezi Park District. Description. Taksim Square has been going through transformations since the beginning of the 20th century. We strongly believe there is no ultimate solution one can reach to fix Taksim. It is simply not the way we see the nature of design and the role of the architect, the urban planner, landscape designer
  4. ate it and build a shopping mall in its place. However, these local protests quickly evolved into mass protests that spread to 80 of Turkey's 81 provinces, after the police intervention against those peacefully.
  5. Gezi Park, too, remains. Anti-Erdoğan graffiti still pops up here and there, but by and large the city has moved on. Like Occupy Wall Street before it, the Gezi Park movement may have been too sprawling in its idealism to bring about lasting political change. In the years since the protests, Erdoğan has consolidated power and gone after the.
  6. The protests, which began as a challenge to government plans to destroy Gezi Park in İstanbul and create a shopping centre later triggered a wave of demonstrations against restrictive government policies across Turkey, and were characterised by the prosecutor as a riot to overthrow the government and supported by many terrorists. On 1 November 2017, Mr Kavala was brought before.
  7. ated by political organisations dissolved.

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against the protestors in Gezi Park served as a catalyst for the ignition of deep, long-standing tensions. The durability and passion of these protests should serve as a wake-up call not only to the Turkish government, but also to the United States. For the Turkish government, the protests demonstrate that it must broaden its understanding of a democratic society. For Turkey to remain. The Gezi Park protest constitutes a particularly rich case study for enquiries interested in creative and aesthetic aspects of protest. As noted by Aytekin (2017: 191), 'the predominant form of protest in the [Gezi Park] movement was aesthetic political acts', and he goes on to argue that 'artistic practices an Taksim Gezi Park formerly known as İnönu Park was opened in 1943, the park is a city park within the borders of Beyoğlu, and located between Taksim square an Eladağ. The site where the park is located went through some changes throughout the years; it began in 1806 when the Taksim artillery barracks were built. Also, between 1921-1940, the internal courtyard of the barracks served as the. Among those, the 2013 Gezi Park protests constituted one of the strongest and largest waves of protest in Turkey's history. Most importantly, nearly half of those occupying the park were women.

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The place in which Gezi Park stands, where the Turkish Prime Minister now wants to build a shopping mall and a mosque, was once an Armenian cemetery. In 1551, following an epidemic, the land was given to the Armenian Church by Sultan Suleyman. It was later enlarged and walled. In 1837 Surp Hagop (Saint James) Armenian Hospital was constructed next to it, and continues to function. On the. Die Gezi-Park-Proteste 2 stellen einen neuen Abschnitt in der Geschichte der Türkei dar. Die Ver-einigung von rechts- und linksorientierten, säkularen und muslimischen, türkischen und kurdi-schen BürgerInnen und sogar Anhängern verfeindeter Fußballvereine unterstreichen das Verlan-gen nach einer besseren Türkei. Tayyip Istifa 3, der Rücktritt des Premierministers Erdoğan, war. But there is now something else happening on the other side of Gezi Park. The pictures you are seeing, thoise police officers donning their riot helmets. In front you can see the pickup trucks sent in to clear the debris. That seems to be the focus right now. Police operations get as much of these barricades and debris away as you possibly can GEZI: The Park that Became a Democracy Movement Transcript. Expand to view full transcript . Hi, My name is Butch Shock. My passion is in public space and in particle public parks. Here is a picture of me getting trained in the appreciation of public parks in my native country off Turkey. And I'm here to talk to you about a particle er park in Istanbul that became the symbol off a pro.

Gays in the park: Why a rainbow flag has become one of the primary symbols of Occupy Gezi. Jun 14, 2013 at 12:23 PM ET. Roughly two weeks ago, in the early stages of the Occupy Gezi protests, gay. Gezi Park incident points to the wide spread Turkish protests in 2013. The protests were initially started to oppose the urban development programme for the Istanbul's TaksimGezi Park. The peaceful protests were subjected to harsh statements and Police force which resulted in a much more outrageous interaction between people and Turkish government causing death of at least 5 and injuring. 9 Similarities between Black Lives Matter and Turkey's Gezi Protests. By Eray Alpay Özdemir June 8, 2020. July 25, 2021. Black Lives Matter protests have been shaking the US for almost two weeks. Protests began after a white police officer pressed his knee to George Floyd's neck. After the video of the 46-year-old black citizen. In June 2013, thousands of young people led the biggest protests in Turkish history. Gezi Park was aflame with pacifist ideals, animated by protest songs, yoga classes, and, from the very beginning (even before), with tear gas. The police response was brutal. Dozens were killed. Thousands were arrested and injured. Not only did nothing change, but the policies they were protesting against were. protestors still vote during election time1: Gezi is not political that is why I participated in it - Gezi does not belong to any party. I am an apolitical person and that is why I am a Gezi protester. (manager in the private sector) Somebody slips into my hand a manifesto. She said that's enough with the system and so forth I slowly put.

Gezi was a brief glimpse of utopia that is still carved onto the retina of its participants. Gezi was a breath of fresh air that blew through a nation and inspired the hopes and dreams of a generation. It was a mirror we collectively held up to ourselves that expanded the horizons of the present and provided a glimpse of what may lie ahead. Gezi, in a word, was an echo from the future There will be a big campaign on World Peace Day, September 1. There will be lots of Peace, equality, solidarity and freedom celebrations in major cities including Istanbul. There will be peace chains and talks on peace, equality and freedom in all forums on August 30. Also, there will be a peace forum in Gezi Park Gezi Park protest was an environmental protest until the police woke the protestors by using tear gas and water cannons at 5:00 in the morning on May 30, 2013. The protests grew rapidly after some protesters were hospitalised and many others received head and body injuries including one MP. Still, the number of demonstrators had not yet reached one thousand. More and more people arrived at. Before the Gezi Park protests there was unease - including among AKP supporters - over Erdogan's bid to accumulate even more power by changing Turkey's constitution to expand the role of.

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Tens of thousands attend a rally to hear Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan speak in Istanbul on June 16, a day after he ordered a crackdown on anti-government protesters at Gezi Park. A. The Gezi Park protests that broke out on May 28, 2013, were a direct challenge to the AKP and to then-prime minister, now-president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Ostensibly an environmentalist, anti.

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Park Hopper Tickets. Guests with a Park Hopper ticket will select the first theme park they wish to visit to begin their day; then they can visit the other park later that day after 1:00 PM and go between the parks (based on availability). Multi-Day Tickets. Multi-day tickets require a theme park reservation for each valid day of your ticket. September 2021 September 2021. September 2021. S. M. Turkey faces a 10% inflation rate (Canada's increased to 0.7%) on consumer goods, a brilliant improvement from 30% in 2004, but which still has significant effects on quality of life as people struggle to deal with higher prices, higher unemployment, and static wages. At the same time, economic growth for 2013 is at a modest 3% for the first quarter and cannot justify the inflation rate

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Indeed, the enclosure of urban commons as a problem itself crystallised in the Gezi Park case even more, where the shared belief of the general public is strong as it is obvious that the people in Istanbul have no need of yet another shopping mall or a luxury hotel there, but instead are desperate for a public green space that they may commonly use with no social exclusion [While writing this article, the former Minister for Internal Affairs, who resigned on 25 December 2013, answered to a parliamentary question on the material used in water cannons -TOMA- during the Gezi Park protests. He confessed that the tear gas OC (Oleoresincapsimum) was mixed by water and spewed out on protestors. On 17 June 2013, the Istanbul Governor had stated that there was no. Address: Regus Business Centre 1st Floor, Block B, North Park, Black River Park, 2 Fir Street, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa Postal: Blue Sky Publications (Pty) Ltd T/A. Park Fiction - Introduction in English 10. Dezember 2013 Welcome to the official site of Park Fiction: Since June 16, 2013, Park Fiction is Gezi Park Fiction St. Pauli. after the clearing of occupy gezi, the neighbours pictured below, renamed the park as a gesture of solidarity with the struggle in Istanbul & turkey Aron Angel, who oversaw the first master development plan for Istanbul with Prost, had dedicated himself to the Park No.2 Project, an extended green area overlooking the Bosphorus, stretching from Gezi Park to the hillsides of Dolmabahçe. The construction of Hilton Hotel at the edge of Gezi Park in 1952, marking the beginnings of the post-WWII era under the influence of the Marshall Plan.